Sep 21, 2009

What Crossing Over For

‘every day thousands of people illegally cross our borders… only one thing stands in their way. AMERICA’

Do you know the film of ‘Crossing Over’? this is a new film from Wayne Kramer. this tells about illegal immigrants from different countries to come to America and eager become permanent residence in USA. they do any efforts to get the green card. they often do a furtive illegal action such as lying the immigrant officer, doing falsifying green card, cheating with the corrupt immigrant officer, etc. so complicated problem.

in this film, told immigrants from some countries, Mireya Sánchez (Alice Braga) , Claire Sephard (Alice Eve), Taslima Jahangir (Summer Bishil), Yong Kim (Justin Chon), etc. they don’t know each other in the film. they have different culture, family and also problem. but the similarity in this case is they’re engaged in one problem: CROSSING OVER (eager to be American citizen). Mireya Sánchez is a worker from Mexico, then found dead in the near border between America and Mexico after she’d deported. Alice Eve is an Australian actress. She try to be big artist in America and use the illegal way to get the green card. Taslima Jahangir just a 15 years old girl from Bangladesh who uses hijab. she often reveal her mind of Islam view on some articles especially in some school tasks. she says on the paper that Islam is great religion. and Jihad is the great way to die. she try to write the article from the bomber side. but her classmates, teacher and head principal are too afraid by Taslima’s deed. then they call FBI to look at Taslima.

this is good film. you could see the complicated problem in here on immigrants’ side. in the last scene, it’s performed the naturalization ceremony. naturalization is held to those who change their nationality status into American (USA) citizen. it’s not easy to be an American citizen (if you interested). but i never interested to be the citizen of it. Indonesia is the most beautiful place for me. it can’t changed. :)

to you who want to watch this film, pliz download it free in here.

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