May 23, 2010

Hey Norris, So This is EiDiEmDi?

Yesterdays I heard controversial news that made Muslims throughout the world cried out. The news was Everybody Draws Mohammed Day contest a.k.a EDMD appeared on Facebook as a page. And it had more than 65,000 who liked it.

Molly Norris, a cartoonist of Seattle, USA was the first who blew this idea regarding a broadcaster’s censorship of an episode of South Park, the satirical animated television series, which depicted Muhammad in a bear suit. On stated that she had drawn her cartoon to support the creator of South Park. Norris said it would sent bad message to the country if they did a censorship. "I just felt so strongly — I just felt they sent a really fearful negative message to the country: It could be a slippery slope toward censorship in America," she said.

But Norris’ idea had suggested some strangers to make the EDMD real on facebook. Two graduate students from Europe started a facebook page in supporting EDMD on May 20 and they also started wordpress as well where they said they would post submitted drawings. Another woman started the same page as well. And it also had many members who supported that page. And this drew heat in Muslims. They made a movement to against EDMD. In Indonesia where the first large number Muslims stay, people fulminated EDMD and it creators. Even in Pakistan, the government ordered the internet provider service to block facebook until May 31.

Regarding this situation, Norris disavowed that she’d ever started EDMD facebook page. She also posted apologize statement on her blog, She said, “I never started a facebook page; I never set up any place for peole to send drawings to and I never received any drawings (I see that two European graduate students and another woman started the facebook pages). … I apologize to people of Muslim faith and ask that this 'day' be called off.

For Muslims, Mohammed the prophet is the most perfect man in the world from time to time. It is forbidden to us to depict his face. On Hadith, it’s said that to discourage depictions of any living creature. So that’s why Muslims against any depictions for their prophet.

From this situation, we can learn that we must realize we’re living in one place with people from various race, custom, manner, tradition, religion, etc. So that we should be careful with what things we gonna speak to others. A blog commentator said that Freedom of Speech (FoS) doesn’t mean hurting someone’s or religion’s integrity. You can see what has happened with Norris after she expressed support drawing for South Park. It drew heat and cried out from Muslims. Then, now on we must do care our mistakes and learn from them to discourage negative reaction from others and we can live in harmony.

May 8, 2010

Do Think: What Do You Want From You?

I am a creative person. Having great-great-great imagination and concept and idea. But one thing, I have less passion to bring them into reality. I don’t know why. Then I found the why answer in Anis Matta Book, Model Manusia Muslim Abad XXI. Matta said the main problem is the motivation we have. The less motivation we have, the less effort we do. And the more motivation we have, the more effort we do also.

Matta thought that if we just keep our concept and idea in deep part of our mind without action, we cannot realize them. The idea would be stay in mind forever. It would be a prisoner in our mind and dying there. The one thing should we do in realizing our idea is collecting the power. We need energy to run our concept. Unless we want them to be a concept only, just leave the effort of collecting the power and do nothing.

Matta stated, to build a strong motivation we need two more things after collecting the power; using and returning it back to ourselves. The main questions to shape the motivation are, where you will go; what your destination; what are you going to be. Those would help you to collect the power. You will find the motivation after you answer ‘what do you want from you?’. Be honest to yourself. Then you can specify what things do you need to get what you want. So friends, WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT FROM YOU?

Apr 5, 2010

At the Bus Station

Crowded. Messy. Smoky.

I just arrived at the bus station. As usual, people and buses were crossing over the street. It was really crowded. I sighed and asked to myself: is it possible to change the bus station condition? Is it possible to straightened up this crowded? I sighed again.

Then I stopped the red cab. This was a public cab. You could get in with other passengers and paid the driver to bring you to your destination. I sat in that little cab and took my green mask. I have to stick that mask into my half-face and cover my mouth and nose. This was Jakarta, a crowded-messy-smoky city. You should have a mask to protect yourself from poison air.

I let my face glanced toward the west. I saw red has been covering the horizon. That was twilight. Then I smiled with closed eyes. I was forgetting all things I hate.

Apr 3, 2010

it touches my stuff inside

i never felt this before. girls, i am really a new comer to this space. let’s call that space with a love space or other mellow names. well, it’s been few months. and actually i have no any feeling to him. but then, when someone cares you continuously, wow, what can you say? can you help yourself to ignore it? can you help yourself to not being happy? can you help yourself to not being touched?

i just, hmm, yeah, actually, i have made some criteria to choose my future king. it’s not too high, and of course it’s not low too. hmm, hey guys, AM I TOO IDEALIST? hey, please, i just put criteria to make a decision, in case there are some gentle man come to me. so that you will not in the middle of being confuse, because you have held some criteria in your mind.

yea, i know, do not speak too much about criteria. don’t be too fundamental in choosing your candidates. i believe in destiny. that means i believe in God. and i believe God will choose the right man to me. :)

then about him. i just wanna say that his effort-his way to talk and write about me-his character touches me. so much touching. thank you. but, let’s see then, who will He take to me and to him.

Mar 31, 2010

Did I Change?

An old buddy sent me text messaging in an afternoon.


Ass diLLa,9mn kbr’y?CoRry ney 9ang96u reunian t9L 28’y Jd 9 ceY? [Bahasa version]

Hey dilla, how are u? Sorry to disturb u. Shall we hold the reunion on 28? [English version]


I set my brow furrowed. OMG, I didn’t understand what did she mean to me? She used a strange typing style and I didn’t like it. Then I replied her SMS.


W3. Reunian apa? Aq ga dpt pemberitahuan, Coy. [Bahasa version]

W3. What reunion? I didn’t get the notification, Coy. [English Version]


FYI, at the first time I thought the SMS came from my friend whose name Cory alias Coy. Because she typed ‘corry ney’ (look at the first SMS) on the first SMS. Then I knew she was not Cory but Mae. LOL. What kinda friend I am? Umm, frankly, sometime I didn’t save some number of friends in my main cell phone. I saved them in my second (CDMA) cell phone. So it aint freak anymore right after reading this paragraph, huh? [note: some of this blog’s readers would say what freak, huh? What freak?]

Mae sent me SMS again.

Ini dilla kan? Bhs’y aneh… [Bahasa version]

Is this really dilla rite? You have weird language… [English version]


What? Me? Bizarre? Strange? LOL. Did I change? More serious? More funny? Yeah friend, buddy, this is me. Let me know which part on me that really change. What kinda of change? Bad into good or in the contrary?

Haha, well, I have some friends who told me this also. They said I was changed. Ya, ya, I changed. I was being woman, okay. I should be more mature. I was not a child anymore. Then, did you, my friends, feel so awkward to me? Just because of this change? Oh come on… LOL. We are human, buddies. We would change into the bigger and better part. We would take on higher part, rite. Just take it easy. Just take it slow.

Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same. [everybody's changing- Keane]

Mar 23, 2010


‘Don’t worry, D. I’ll be fine. Just cannot connect to internet for a while.’

That the last text messaging I had accepted from the one that I know as my lover and we’re in love one another. I set straight face to see his message. After that day, I tried to not call him either via cell phone or internet. I just tested him, was he really love or not. But finally I knew that he never would call me anymore. NEVER. Because he was engaged with someone.

ENGAGED. That what I read on his Facebook. Then I felt something hit me on the heart which was really hurt. Hey, somebody, tell me why?! Actually, that news would never really a problem to me if he have told me at the first or when he started off falling in love with another girl. He was ENGAGED and he never would told me until I asked him. Such a ridiculous, huh. Then he was lying me when I asked him whether he loved me or not. Then he was lying me when he talked anything honestly. Then he just fooled me. Hey reader, give him applause, please.

HONEST: only this what I wanted from him or from any men who loved me. If you have no feeling to me, just say NO. On the other hand, say YES if you were really in love to me. To be hurt by HONEST is more I like than by LIE.

Well, this is just my useless article to be read. Just leave the comment box if you were sick with this article. Okay, back to smile coz I felt breathing again after writing this one.