Sep 2, 2009

The Rusty Knight

By. Dwi Setiadi (translated)

Had you ever heard a story about the Rusty Knight? It isn’t the real knight but his persistence makes the name of knight proper for him.

It’s said, once upon a time, a man studied in a country. He came from a far away village. He had strong curiosity to study and improve his life quality. And also he had wiling to distribute any kindnesses to people. He’s not really clever, but also not too stupid. He’s too enthusiastic to study everything.

Then he entered into the world of politics. He’s so confident to participate in that world because of his background of his political activities in his village. In short, he got success in this politics world.

Later times, he lost without any notifications. Until one day he came back into this country to be an official of government. His friends shocked for this news. They wondered why he could be an official after his hiatus for long time. Ya, that because he did something worth in his hiatus. He made magnum opus. So because of that he’s called back to his country and gave contribution to the people.

This is a wise story. The man worked hard to be the knight. He loved to study and had willing to contribute something worth to his country and the people. And the one important thing is he did these things with all of his heart and soul.


Dwi Setiyadi said...

Great translate!

d'goin over said...

hmm... serius akh? don't only praise it, but critic it. :)

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