Sep 14, 2009

Cracking the Poor Glasses

Again, I did a blunder. And again, I did it to my lovely glasses. Well, that day, when I was doing volunteering action to an exhibition at Shangrila Hotel. After praying I went to a lavatory to do washing my glasses. I rubbed the old glasses using hotel soap and water. I rubbed it hardly. And suddenly, “crack!!”. Oh, damn! That’s my hell glasses. It’s cracked on the right part. Then I tried to fit it again into one piece in the frame. So you could see the slash cracked in the half on the right glass. Finally I decided to put my glasses off and saved it into my bag. Then I saw without it. It’s difficult. But I tried to smile and keep seeing. Rather I have the new one, Im still loving that poor spectacle. Phu-phu-phu… I was so much regretted. *too much!!*

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