Sep 2, 2009

How Worth Life is

By. Dwi Rostia Wijayandari

The answer is Life has material and immaterial values.

The material values of a body is the whole part of the body itself, hands, feet, eyes, skin and organs. Today, you can calculate the value of your body. My body’s value is US$403.1931119999999, can you imagine that?! The healthier a body is the more value is. The price is cheap, isnt? Don’t get it wrong, it’s not the price when you sell your part of body or organs, but it is transferring the value of your body health. Somehow, our body can be important to somebody else.

To know how one’s life is worth you must put the death as the reflection, sacrifice, murder, suicide and accident, you judge yourself of how worth life is. To me, life is worth, I believe, but to find out how it can be worth is the most difficult task for me. Everyday, I ask my self what can I do to make this life better for myself, family, friends and world? Do I find the answer? No, and maybe I never will. But, the show must go on,I keep walking in my temporary emptiness and say, life should be faced with Wiseness so I decide what my life for and what I could be, a wise person. The Value of human’s life is the value that you create yourself not the career you have and not the richness you have.

I can simply see and say that our leader’s life is worthless, if he’s failed to be the leader but I can simple conclude if the life of the street trash collector is highly worth because he cleans the trash off the streets everyday with a responsible. So, it’s not the status you gain but the value that you put on yourself that makes you worthy. Don’t be proud of doing your responsibilities but be proud when you can do more than your responsibilities.

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