Sep 2, 2009

I'm Alive

By. Lia Amalia (2009)

-I’m Alive-

I was about to jump

When I saw those little eyes

Full of…aarrgh…

Can not remember

Then I sat, stared at him

He, with a sack of news on his hand

Still on white-red outfit

Ran..happily when somebody called him

Then smile…

Not so far, a man

With a sweat, dark, tired face

Hoe on his hand..or with a bare hand

Struggle against stones, bricks, concretes

His eyes…

Full of…aarrgh…

What’s that?!

Can not found..

Then he smile

A giant rock seemed to hit my heart

Open it

Suddenly, I heard a sound…so peaceful

Never heard since a long time ago

People ..piety..pray

Greet each other

Smile each other

O, those eyes

Full of…

Full of…

Yes yes

Those eyes full of parents, children, friends

Full of God…

Allahu Akbar!!

I knew it,

I got it

Life is worth

Life is a gift

So people on a duty to give that gift away

So They fight for life

Sometimes for the other’s

Even they have nothing to share

Smile enough for a strength

To make their life worthier…

Life, a dark cave

As we move on we’ll find a light

We must find a light!

I’ve found my light

So I stand, turned around

And jumped into my precious life.

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