This is a story of my home, Indonesia. As you know the good things of it, Indonesia is a big country. Over 230 ethnic groups in 33 provinces store in this country. They have great culture and all of them are so astonishing. Indonesia with the people, Indonesia with their welcome. You would get the warmth of love and peace here.

Unfortunately, Indonesia is the poor country. Yes, we’re the poor. We’re the people who work and give the harvest to foreigner. We’re vulnerable people in rich country. We’re rich by the nature resources but we’re too stupid with our warmth. Sometime people take the benefit from our stupid. We pleased they come and take part in our gold mining in Jayapura. Then we get nothing exception for a little part. We pleased they come into our economic problem and gave some money as a gift (actually it’s an obligation, it’s a DEBT) then they ruined us with crisis of it. We’re too kind and those usurers are so good in their guile.

Also, Indonesian, sometime, is not the hard worker. We’re lazy nation. We have too much dreams without trying to approach them. We’re used being corruptor in every single sector, from the time to the money. We’re love to fighting with anyone. The students, from elementary school to the university, have good point in bullying, even the grown folks. This is the real that you have to know. I tell this because they won’t tell you in wikipedia or any webs of information. I tell you the truth, dude.

But overall, Indonesia is my home and would always be my home. I was born on this fatherland. I was born to build this great fatherland. And I was born to die here with all my love to this fatherland.

Thank you.