Sep 1, 2009

Dreams for Good Life

Had you ever dream about good life? What is the good life to you? I believe that people make their definitions for their good life. They have different dreams to make good life. Then what your dreams to make the good life come into your life?

I’ll tell you some of my dreams to get the good life. In my opinion, good life is what you do with love. Good life is something touches your heart and never to be forced. Good life is something good not only to be purposed to you but also people. Thinking what you can do to the world? Then you get happiness in this life.

About education, I’m dreaming for having scholarship and going abroad to take my postgraduate degree. Then about family, I’m also dreaming for having smart, godly and earthy husband. I’m dreaming of being good wife and mother. Then my husband and I respect and love each other. We have some great plans not only for our great family but also this great country. Actually I really do want to bear a scientist, especially in physics major. Then, he (my first child) will become the scientist for the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (LIPI) in his young. Then I do want my second child become a doctor. My third child will become a scientist in chemistry major. My fourth child will become a director of some good films. Then my last child will be registered as a student at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, then she’ll become the hafizhoh (woman muslim who memorizes Al-Qur’an). Hmm, that’s so specific dream right? But that is just of my dreams to make good life. I still have many dreams!!

About the place I wanna live for and how physically house I want to build, hmmmmm…. I wanna live in small town. It’s not too far away from the city, but it has good environment and no any pollution there. Umm, maybe it’s referred to some small towns in Bandung. Of course I dream for a better town. Jakarta and Bekasi are so busy city and also hot. They have crowd and traffic everywhere which always make me dizzy! Phuih!!

Then how about the house? Hmm, actually I’m dreaming for having a tree-house. Or meaning the house which made out of wood. We also have a garden next to our house. We have two garages with different functions. The first garage will be placed by the car. And the second garage will be used to book café. Actually this book café is to function as public library and learning center for children. The space is not too large, but very functional.

So, those are some of my dreams. I state once again, I still have many dreams to make come true. I know I have been described my dreams into detail. But don’t you believe if we have dreams then we describe and visualize it, your dream will come true. Just believe yourself. That’s one of things to make the good life.


melandri said...

nah,,Dhila udh pinter sekarang,,
I think you have such a great heart especially when i saw " help people"..
Not everyone having a dream like that.
Keep posting ya Dhil....

I got your back

d'goin over said...

wow... aku baru ngeh ada komen mba disini. hoho.. thx mba. moga2 impian ini bisa tercapai smuanya yaa.... amiin! :)

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