Apr 5, 2010

At the Bus Station

Crowded. Messy. Smoky.

I just arrived at the bus station. As usual, people and buses were crossing over the street. It was really crowded. I sighed and asked to myself: is it possible to change the bus station condition? Is it possible to straightened up this crowded? I sighed again.

Then I stopped the red cab. This was a public cab. You could get in with other passengers and paid the driver to bring you to your destination. I sat in that little cab and took my green mask. I have to stick that mask into my half-face and cover my mouth and nose. This was Jakarta, a crowded-messy-smoky city. You should have a mask to protect yourself from poison air.

I let my face glanced toward the west. I saw red has been covering the horizon. That was twilight. Then I smiled with closed eyes. I was forgetting all things I hate.

Apr 3, 2010

it touches my stuff inside

i never felt this before. girls, i am really a new comer to this space. let’s call that space with a love space or other mellow names. well, it’s been few months. and actually i have no any feeling to him. but then, when someone cares you continuously, wow, what can you say? can you help yourself to ignore it? can you help yourself to not being happy? can you help yourself to not being touched?

i just, hmm, yeah, actually, i have made some criteria to choose my future king. it’s not too high, and of course it’s not low too. hmm, hey guys, AM I TOO IDEALIST? hey, please, i just put criteria to make a decision, in case there are some gentle man come to me. so that you will not in the middle of being confuse, because you have held some criteria in your mind.

yea, i know, do not speak too much about criteria. don’t be too fundamental in choosing your candidates. i believe in destiny. that means i believe in God. and i believe God will choose the right man to me. :)

then about him. i just wanna say that his effort-his way to talk and write about me-his character touches me. so much touching. thank you. but, let’s see then, who will He take to me and to him.