Sep 12, 2009

A Gift from Pakde Cholik

This afternoon (12/09), my father called me with clear voice more than three times when I was working in front of computer in my room. Frankly speaking, I was too lazy to come to him but I said, “Okay dad, wait a moment.” But I didn’t down stairs early. I decided to stay longer for 10-15 minutes before I really did walk down. When I got out of the room, I found a packet put on floor. Wew, maybe someone had delivered this when I worked with computer.

Then I took the packet. Written on the one side there:


Nanda Fadhilatul Muharram Abdullah


Abdul Cholik

Wow, I was happy by that. Pakde Cholik really made his promise. He’d ever promised me to give a book as my birthday gift. This is my first item that I have from my blogger friend. Then wanna know what the gift to me?

Title: Powerful Guide to Master Your Wordpress

Author: Adam Pahlevi Baihaqi

I was bewitched for the book and also the author. This is the gift from him. Then the author is really awesome. He’s still studying at Senior High School, but has been writing 4 books until now. Great for Indonesia young generation.

Once again, thanks to pakde cholik. Wish you d’best, sir!


casrudi said...

Yeah DiLa... Wish you d’best too,,, ^_^
sorry nyasar kesini... Hehehe...

goin over said...

wow... thx you to come here. :D

sering2 nyasar gapapa juga siih. :D

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