Sep 1, 2009

This weblog entitled goin over. What does go over or goin over mean?

According to Oxford Dictionary, these two words have many meanings and these can be used to some cases and actions.

So, go over means …

to be received in the specified way; to look at something carefully; to inspect something; to examine the details something; to check something; to study something carefully; to clean something; to move from one, often distant, place to another; to transfer to a different person or place for the next part of the broadcast; to change from one side, opinion, habit, system, etc to another.

But I love to mean those highlighted sentences as the meaning to this site. So, im goin over to see something more carefully and detail. Im goin over to study anything cases more carefully. Then im goin over to move, to cross to any places in positive purposes (studying, making friends and a life). Im goin over to see the something new and useful and bring it for sharing to anyone. That’s my hope.

Then, thx for visiting this bloggy. Cheers … ^^

in Indonesia which is still on the World Map :)

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