Sep 2, 2009

What Life Really is

By. Krishadi Nugroho

For me life is when…

…I have no money left on my wallet

Luckily I have enough credit on my hand phone to make a call

I : hallo mom, I have no money left so can you send some money to my account by ATM near you?

Mom : ok honey, I’ll send it on my lunch break

I : thanks mom

Mom : Ok

…I am hungry

I just go to the dining room and eat with good

Drink good drink from the refrigerator

Have some good fruits and any other cake that I like

Or else I just simply buy what I like

…Time to sleep

I just go to my warmth room

took my self into a nice mattress

Close my eyes with have to afraid of cold or rain

For me life is when…

…I have no money to buy anything

I sell newspapers on the train from morning till dawn

I sell drinks to the public transportation passengers

I sing all day under the traffic lights

…It’s time to eat

I’m still thinking whether I have got something to eat or not

I think I’ll eat tomorrow if it’s possible

I buy one portion of a meal and eat it with two of my other friends

…It’s time to sleep

I can sleep every where

In the alley of a street

Under a bridge

In front of a store

Or any other place I meet

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