Sep 3, 2009

Take It Out

I took something again from my office, hey. Is it such a robbery? Oh, no man. Im not a thief. I just did a furtive action of taking a bulletin from my office. =) yeah, actually there are some bulletins and magazines or other stuffs to be read. Those are sent to my office. Then I see that they’re such getting ignorant behavior from the employees. Sometimes, when I got order to tidy up some catalogues, I used that time to read some bulletins, magazines even books at a glance. Then after making sure that those stuffs have no role in this office, I did a furtive taking and saved them into my bag. Hehe, because I love to read and collect something like them. I don’t know why. But this is my pleasure to add some new information and knowledge.

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hadi said...

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