Sep 8, 2012


~House, me:
Hey folks,
I decide -hope for a moment- as an outcast. I stuck at home. Sit in the corner and take the silent. Grow in the corner without doing anything, listening to the 'Lazy Song'. I feel desperate. I am the stupid and think really like a stupid. I do what an outcast does. I think what a lazy thinks. Well, d*mn my self.

~World, people:
Besides, in the world, people change. They change to better. They'd gone far away and leave behind. They settle in the moon, and I accept the moonlight. They proud of themselves and I stuck with my pessimism.

After all, I am still here. I still have a body and mind to do something, not a lazy thing. I just must go reaching the what you call success. Ah, am I really good to be that one success?