Sep 2, 2009


By. Reny Shintawati

Taking the analogy of human’s born, we know that when a woman just bears a baby, the father whispers adzan to the baby’s right ear and also iqomat to the left ear. And then, the baby grows up being an adult till the time that Allah determines. When, the time comes, everyone will die. They have to be prayed before being buried. Kullu nafsin dzaaa iqotul maut.

The important reflection of that analogy, is that our life is not long. The period is like among adzan, iqomat and shalat. It is very short, isn’t it? However, do we realize that our life is as short as that? And what we have done to make our life meaningful?

We do not live alone in this extremely big world. We have family at our sweet home, friends, teachers, neighbor and many more. Can we give something useful to them? Khairunnas anfa’uhum linnas (Al Hadits). The highly better human is who can be useful to other people. We need not think that we have to be a big one to give something useful, but we need think to be a great one. Even the street sweepers, do wonderful thing to make our environment clean. However, be the best truly us and give many to people. Many ways we can do. We can share our knowledge and experiment through teaching. We can do some social activities. We can participate in improving the country, and many more. We do all for our religion and country, even the world, for the better life. Do not let our life runs in vain. Our life is too valuable to do nothing. We can get happiness by being useful.

So, what will you do next to be the great one? Have a nice life, friends.

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