Sep 2, 2009


By. Dian Oktaviani

just a word
a simple word
a simple magical word
a greatest simple magical word

because you shouldn’t have any reasons to stand beside them
you don’t have to use any blink-blink things to hang out with them
you are with them because you want to
no other reasons, simple isn’t it?

because they can make you laugh while you are feel sad
making you feel better after the strom
convincing you that everything will be alrigth
then you can smile again, magical isn’t it?!

because you can share everything with them
sharing smiles, laughs, even cries
just like eyes, do everything together
and the reason only “because you are my friend”, greatest isn’t it?

Because of them I’m still standing here
standing on my own feet
facing all the storm in front of me
without fear
because they are with me


Mission completed \(^o^)/

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deeedeee said...

hehehehehe.... kalo dibaca ulang ada gramer yg berantakan... hihihi

happy birthday ya, Dear..
hope you could be a greates friend ever for me and others ;)

wish you all the best :)

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