Apr 1, 2011

Taking Lesson from Kronos's Dialogue

I was about to finish my reading on Percy Jackson 5: The Last Olympian. Finally I got reading on the last sequel, yay! :D Then I reached page something on chapter 16. I stopped a moment when I read one of Kronos's dialogue on that novel. I was interesting with that dialogue. It's so quip.

"I hate this place," Kronos growled. "United Nations. As if mankind could ever unite. Remind me to tear down this building after we destroy Olympus."
That's what Kronos had said. I hate to say it's true, but it's really true. Since human start their first day in the world, they have little space for hatred inside heart. It's depend on the man's heart condition. It's also depend on the man's wise. Do they good managing their mind and conduct, or in reverse?

Now see what's happened today in this world. See what's happening in Middle East? Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen. The biggest happening now is in Libya. The famous Muammar Qadafi, great leader in that rich country for more than 41 years, was asked to step down from his position. Now the problem became bigger and bigger. Libya Government should face two 'enemies'; the rebels in country and foreign troops (NATO, France, etc).

I didn't know what did they want against Libya. Is it because of Oil case? Economic crisis? Well, Is there not another way besides against using weapons?

Well, that's human. Moretimes human can be a monster than a monster itself. :D Muslim holly book, Koran, says that God said that Human was scheduled as a Caliph on earth. That time angels complained about that plan, but God said, "I know better than you all". So, it's right human has a heart to kill each other and able to become a big monster than a monster itself. But human was given an ability to think and choose which the best thing to do. That's a second duties of them, since the first duties is Praying to God.

I hope God still left many good people in this world to change and calm the earth better. I miss a good and peace world. Miss it so much.