Sep 8, 2012


~House, me:
Hey folks,
I decide -hope for a moment- as an outcast. I stuck at home. Sit in the corner and take the silent. Grow in the corner without doing anything, listening to the 'Lazy Song'. I feel desperate. I am the stupid and think really like a stupid. I do what an outcast does. I think what a lazy thinks. Well, d*mn my self.

~World, people:
Besides, in the world, people change. They change to better. They'd gone far away and leave behind. They settle in the moon, and I accept the moonlight. They proud of themselves and I stuck with my pessimism.

After all, I am still here. I still have a body and mind to do something, not a lazy thing. I just must go reaching the what you call success. Ah, am I really good to be that one success?

Jul 12, 2012

2012 Jakarta Governor Election Part 1

Hey Roger, this is GoinOver come back.
Hey pals, yeah I know, so much time I disappeared and now I am coming back to you, whether you want to read this bloody blog or not. :gigling:

 Just a moment ago, I heard Radio informing us the winner of first election of Jakarta. I didn’t smile to hear that, but I was lil bit happy to know that the incumbent didn’t get the first place but the second. Jokowi – Ahok, a couple candidate who being the winner for this first round, got more than 40% than others. If I’m not mistaken Jokowi – Ahok hold 43 / 47 %. Hmm, it closed to 50% right? Just a question in mind, if Jokowi got 50% or more, let’s guess that he would be the winner and tomorrow he might have inauguration as the new Jakarta Governor. Nice thinking.

The win of Jokowi shocked people and survey institutions. Because you all had known that most of survey institutions announced their research of this election with Foke – Nara as the winner. Foke – Nara, according them, could deserve big percentage of others. But the facts said different from what they might hope. Yeah pals, you may never believe with survey institutions because they might not really working correctly and just err, being a campagne team for those who paid them. Good trading.

Now what next? Yeah pals, if you are the Jakarta citizens, just get ready for the second round on September 2012, still in this year. Choose the best leader for you. Jakarta is a special area. It is not only a capital for a province but also for a country. You are the specialist, pals, for knowing of Jakarta problems, so you know much.

I continued eating my pudding while the dusty radio let me heard the information. Some of people (they called this Radio and revealed their opinion) didn’t like for the result of election. They suggested that people should choose the candidate no. 4 that wise and religious rather than Jokowi and others. Hmm, well, no body’s perfect, pals. Hey you who supported the candidate no. 4, just see the facts that people now have no believe again to parties especially your party. The recommendation is to stop talking and hating those who didn’t support you, then improve your self.

Haah.. just got headache and hungry for a thousand times of thinking this. Okay pals, I’m off. Success you all. Bye.