Sep 2, 2009

A Story by Siti Mukhtalifah

By. Siti Mukhtalifah

Once upon a time,there was a man lived on the bank of a river in Central Sumatera.His house lay between two Villages. He was a religious teacher.His name was Lebai. His living was both by teaching people and fishing. He was well known all over the two villages.

One day, the two rich families in the two villages were having a big party. Both of them invited him at the same hour of the same day. On the morning of the feast, Lebai was ready to attend the party by his boat. As a greedy man he thought hard before he went. he could not decide which village to visit first. it was because the one in the North of the river slaughtered only one buffalo, while the other in the South of the river slaughtered two buffaloes.

As the North was near his house, he rowed his boat upstream to the North of the river. On his way the thought that people there did not know him well, so they would not respect him very much. He turned to the downstream.because he would get much respect in the South,he could get two buffaloes’ heads. he thought again that they could not cook well. he kept thinking whether he went upstream or downstream. he turned his boat to the upstream. when he nearly reached the place,he saw some peoplewent back from the party. he turned his boat quickly to the downstream. Unfortunately,when he arrived there, He saw people leaving the house. he spent his time to go upstream and downstream until the feast over, He got nothing.

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