Sep 2, 2009


By. Betty Wijayanti

Some months ago, I always felt my life so bad. I didn’t feel that I was still alive, although I still walked around in the world, ate, and did many things as usual. But, my heart had been die. Sometimes, I knew my false but my heart was so difficult to feel that. I just knew, I was in the right position. Usually, we would feel ‘I’m all right’ when actually we were sick.
The point was I didn’t care bout anything else.
You know why?
It was just because of I didn’t get something that I wanted. Something that I believe it be comes the true at the time. Because, I had found the best way to get ’something’ that I wanted. Then, all of things had to end. And Everything was not clear to me….
This tragedy gave some effects to me some months more. I was so lazy to do everything, I said to ALLAH that ALLAH didn’t love me and etc.
But, alhamduLillah… the present, all of things are finished. ALLAH has give His guidance to me. I become enjoy to do my life….I hope, I can learn more with the experience…..

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