Sep 2, 2009

How Worth Life is

By. Rose Febrian Ciptaning

Well, for me it’s depend on how you face this life, how you shape it and of course how you make it worth.

Life is a gift that Allah gives to us, a gift that each human only feel it once in a time. There are two options to run this life, first with fun things and the second is with important things.

For those who run it with fun things, they will do many things but I’m not sure it’s important thing to do. Indeed, those who run important things not only get pleasure but also fun things. Why??? Because important things can make someone feel needed, or even give the best from the person.

Talk about life is talk about you become a real person not a dead body, a person who can give advantages in every his or her single step. If you are human, you will appreciate life by doing something useful, know what he should do in life and for what he is created. What we can do in this life???

Well there are much things that we can do start for simple thing until big thing. The most important point is how useful our act to others, such as a smile. Smile is a simple thing that we can do in life but it doesn’t worth if we give smile in inappropriate time. Smile when someone get unlucky day, smile when someone lost his or her precious thing.

Because of life only happened once in time, don’t waste it. Be a good person who loyal with Allah is a right decision, from that we can get good life, good friends, good husband or wife and of course we learn to understand how worth life is.

So, how worth life is………………

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