Sep 2, 2009

Life is a Gift

By. Muharrik

To my friend Dila. Happy Birthday to U

How worth life is

Life is a gift. A human’s life on this earth is Allah’s choice, and we as his servant have no choice. Like it or not we have to accept this life with gratefulness! Just like we cannot defy death we also cannot defy life.

We are free to choose in this life but our choice may not necessarily be liked by Allah except if we follow what he wants, but Allah does not leave us without guidance. He equipped our life with alQuran and Sunnah and all his rules so that we can live with full respect and in a civilised way, as his servant before being bestowed with paradise that is as broad as the earth and sky.

This is Allah, the most merciful and beloved!

As servants we should realise that life on this earth is not a playful thing and not taken seriously. Age that is bestowed by Allah is not long. Age is a pleasure and its worth is immeasurable and something that we cannot waste and the worth of our life are being destined by age itself. Age is our capital to collect our profit in eternity (akhirat) later on.

Most of us do not realise how important it is for us to plan our life so that our life can be used solely for Allah in order to get his blessings. In life, age is the worth of a human being and this is where we need to know our concept on how important it is to have a clear and strong personality with a clear mission and vision in our life.

We belief in Allah with a true belief and know that the beginning of a human life is from world our mother’s womb, then into this world, then to the world of the dead ( alam barzakh) and finally to eternity (alam akhirat) where our life ends.

We should be afraid about this situation because there are lot of responsibilities that we have neglected, especially with only a little time left as we aged. Age is a mystery for us and with this mystery we should set it in motion from now so that we will not regret later. We do not know when and where Allah will end our life after which definitely there will be rewards and punishment that we will receive according to our doings.

According to Hassan Al Basri, time is divided into 3:

1. Yesterday which is no longer ours

2. Tomorrow which is not yet ours and may not be ours

3. Today which is still in our hands

Use time fruitfully. Insyaallah

Happy Birthday.

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