Sep 2, 2009


By. Meiva Eka Sri Sulistyowati

it is a simple word but meant a lot for me
it teaches me everything about world
it teaches me how to respect the other
but it’s also hurt me when I was betrayed
friendship was not always easy
it was not gave you the all happiness
it gave you sadness either
but I never regret for it
it was the best thing that i ever had
then my story began……

i have four best friends
we met each other when we was in the first grade of senior high school
we did many things together because we had same hobbies: that was reading
our favorite place for hang-out was a bookstore
we made a group
it called Cute Girls
we went everywhere together
and we also shared everything either
we were like sisters
there’s no secret among us
we promised for being best friends forever
until our hair become white
until the death separated us
i loved them so much
in short, nowadays was the eight years of our friendship
yeah…eight years; time was passed so fast
many things had changed during the time
and sadly, including our friendship…

after graduated from the college; slowly but surely, all of us were got a job
we pretty much enjoyed the time for earn money; but not with the job
we just loved the pay day time; hahahaa…
but money really changed everything
i can’t believe it at first
sadly, it was really happened
and it happened to one of my best friend
i used to called her “G”…

“G” graduated from one of the most reputable university in Jakarta
actually, I did not realized too much about her change because both of us were busy
but another best friend remind me about her
money and prestige had changed her a lot
she never share and honest to me anymore

the first time she betrayed me i still can forgive her
at that time; all of us were seeking a job
we went to any job fairs to find the jobs
we even went to Bogor
everything that we can do
she also joined us at first
but when we almost desperate to search again
she asked us to stay for a while and wait the info from her
she was promised to give us a good news
we believe in her and we were waiting for almost two months
but in the end of the month we knew something
something that made everything was different
she has already has the job
the job that really wanted by my another best friend
and she never told us about it
she pretended that she was innocence
i really disappointed with her

she never said sorry for anything that she did
she did not contact me for a long time
and even she sent me message; it was only to make herself proud
she also said that she has a prestigious job and also a rich boyfriend now
she told me everything about her ‘wonderful life’
she never asked about me; or the other member of our group
she always said about herself
she did not care about us anymore
she was too busy with her own bussiness
but she never want to introduce me to her life
maybe because she felt ashamed
maybe because i was not at the same level with her
maybe because she did not respect me anymore as her best friend
there were so many questions on my head
but something that surely
i really felt like her dust bin
and best friend were not like that
i did not recognized her anymore

i felt hurt; either the others
but we could not changed anything
it was the way that she has been chosen
however, i will try to forgive her once again
i did not have the right for judging her
let the time telling her that she was wrong
i do really miss her so mush
because she still my best friend
and i will keep my promised
friendship forever…….

PS. gaery….
sorry ya kalo artikel yg gw buat ni gak bagus n jauh dari sempurna; gw pgn bgt bisa nulis bgs kyk loe or nuril; syukur2 kalo bisa nerbitin buku; amien…heheheee
o iya… met jadi sarjana yaaaa….
gw ikut seneng; akhirnya temen gw yg doyan gery salut nie jadi sarjana sekarang, heheee…
gw gak akan pernah bs lupa pengalaman gila n nekad qt waktu ke pusgiwa dulu; waktu loe cinta banget sama gary ampe nekad kesana; hahahaaa…
keep in touch terus ya gaery; sukses !!!!

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