Sep 2, 2009

Life is Worth

By. arhsa (translated)

Life is worth. We can see on the philosophy of pencil.

First, it always accompanies the owner to help him making some notes. Second, it feels hurt when it’s sharpened. But it becomes sharper and useful by that. Third is the pole. The pole is the most important thing of pencil. Broken pole is no problem. Because it can be sharpened again to get the sharp pole. Fourth is easy to erase. Yup, the pencil scratch can be erased and corrected easily. And fifth, the pole of pencil should be sharpened to make scratches.

Life is worth. Let’s look into ourselves.

First, our life will be more meaningful when we always associate with God. Second, any disaster or calamity or hurt or test or load will make us more mature and wise. Third, the most important is our heart. Fourth, any mistake and failure are the tools to motivate us to struggle more and more. Fifth, always sharpen ourselves, our hearts, our feelings and our souls. Then some great works will be appeared although you’re died. Your life is very worth because you’re created with great goal.

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