Apr 5, 2010

At the Bus Station

Crowded. Messy. Smoky.

I just arrived at the bus station. As usual, people and buses were crossing over the street. It was really crowded. I sighed and asked to myself: is it possible to change the bus station condition? Is it possible to straightened up this crowded? I sighed again.

Then I stopped the red cab. This was a public cab. You could get in with other passengers and paid the driver to bring you to your destination. I sat in that little cab and took my green mask. I have to stick that mask into my half-face and cover my mouth and nose. This was Jakarta, a crowded-messy-smoky city. You should have a mask to protect yourself from poison air.

I let my face glanced toward the west. I saw red has been covering the horizon. That was twilight. Then I smiled with closed eyes. I was forgetting all things I hate.

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