Mar 23, 2010


‘Don’t worry, D. I’ll be fine. Just cannot connect to internet for a while.’

That the last text messaging I had accepted from the one that I know as my lover and we’re in love one another. I set straight face to see his message. After that day, I tried to not call him either via cell phone or internet. I just tested him, was he really love or not. But finally I knew that he never would call me anymore. NEVER. Because he was engaged with someone.

ENGAGED. That what I read on his Facebook. Then I felt something hit me on the heart which was really hurt. Hey, somebody, tell me why?! Actually, that news would never really a problem to me if he have told me at the first or when he started off falling in love with another girl. He was ENGAGED and he never would told me until I asked him. Such a ridiculous, huh. Then he was lying me when I asked him whether he loved me or not. Then he was lying me when he talked anything honestly. Then he just fooled me. Hey reader, give him applause, please.

HONEST: only this what I wanted from him or from any men who loved me. If you have no feeling to me, just say NO. On the other hand, say YES if you were really in love to me. To be hurt by HONEST is more I like than by LIE.

Well, this is just my useless article to be read. Just leave the comment box if you were sick with this article. Okay, back to smile coz I felt breathing again after writing this one.

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