May 8, 2010

Do Think: What Do You Want From You?

I am a creative person. Having great-great-great imagination and concept and idea. But one thing, I have less passion to bring them into reality. I don’t know why. Then I found the why answer in Anis Matta Book, Model Manusia Muslim Abad XXI. Matta said the main problem is the motivation we have. The less motivation we have, the less effort we do. And the more motivation we have, the more effort we do also.

Matta thought that if we just keep our concept and idea in deep part of our mind without action, we cannot realize them. The idea would be stay in mind forever. It would be a prisoner in our mind and dying there. The one thing should we do in realizing our idea is collecting the power. We need energy to run our concept. Unless we want them to be a concept only, just leave the effort of collecting the power and do nothing.

Matta stated, to build a strong motivation we need two more things after collecting the power; using and returning it back to ourselves. The main questions to shape the motivation are, where you will go; what your destination; what are you going to be. Those would help you to collect the power. You will find the motivation after you answer ‘what do you want from you?’. Be honest to yourself. Then you can specify what things do you need to get what you want. So friends, WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT FROM YOU?

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