Nov 16, 2009

Malang: Great City

finally my dream comes true, friend. i got chance to visit Malang and stayed there for a week. i felt the cool air and breath the clean air. i saw the green of trees and the blue of mountains. i can feel this situation which i never have before in Jakarta. Malang is different. it’s so pure village in East Java, Indonesia. i bet you would love it too.

Malang is famous city since early time. it has already been settled for long time since VOC still colonized Indonesia. it is surrounded by many rivers and mountains. so that’s why Malang still has good weather with cool air and good view whether it grows up as modern city. yeah, unlike Jakarta which is hot and also very crowded everywhere. Jakarta produces pollution so much every day.

Malang is ideal city. other big cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya should adopt the construction of this Malang and how it’s maintained. the benefit factor that it has is located in upland near to mountains. but i believe Jakarta also can be green and great city to be settled. the local government should focus on the city straightly and commit to make the city green. persuading people to care to their city is good idea and should be held on.

Malang is great city. it is the city i want to live. it is the city i want to spend my whole life with my family. i love the cool air and i love the mountains. i love the weather and the people. i want to create my tree house and the gardens over there. hope it would come true. :)

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Anonymous said...

i agree with ur quotes dil. "Malang is great city" malang offers a beautiful view and good enviroment

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