Mar 12, 2011

World to Notice Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

11 March 2011 - Jakarta, Indonesia

At 1:30 pm I was trapped in the elevator with 13 others. It was over 20 minutes. I tried to be relax, then I was playing games on my cell phone. I let people around me busy with their panic and effort to call someone outside. We were stuck! Really need some help.

2:20 pm. I was still in calm condition lobby with three mates of office and boss. We waited electricity system in the building back to normal again.

Almost 3 pm. I was in the office again. Seeing my twitter and so much shocked news about Japan. It said: "8.8 M quake and Tsunami hit Japan!"; "Let's #prayforjapan"; "#helpjapan". I was wondering, what's happened with Japan? Tsunami? It's really shocked.

I started surfing more detail about Japan today. How could earthquake and tsunami hit so fast? How the process? How the severity of the effect? And what I got were really shocked. I saw some video how the tsunami came hit so fast and how people,building,vehicles were curled in the same wave. It's so horrible.

I loved what Japan PM Ministry said to his people to act quickly and help one another. It's a strong solidarity and so humanity. Then world's eyes notice deeper. It told the heart to give hands to Japan and help it to cure everything. Help Japan and pray for it. As human it's our destiny to act so humanity.

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Anonymous said...

almost the same story with me..
I was sitting around and checked twitter when suddenly see a twit about the quake.

It's horrible tough, I hope everything will get better soon..

and I hope you didn't have a phobia using elevator.. :p

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